Finding Your Inner Voice

INSTRUCTOR: Michelle Prindle
This course offers instruction on vocal technique that will help parents and teachers to find their inner voice.  The course dispels modern misconceptions about the voice, offers advice on pitch matching, postural mechanics, breath work, and overcoming psychological boundaries to joyful singing.  This is done through practical, confidence-building exercises that parents and teachers can practice in the privacy in their own homes along with the videos and audio files provided.  The course also offers a variety of songs for singing with children.

This course includes the following videos:

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. 10 Reasons to Sing with Children
  3. Misconceptions About the Voice
  4. The Voice as an Instrument
  5. Postural Mechanics
  6. Breath Work
  7. Pitch Matching
  8. The Voice Registers
  9. The Chest Voice
  10. The Head Voice
  11. Exercises (1 of 3)
  12. Exercises (2 of 3)
  13. Exercises (3 of 3)
  14. Songs for Singing with Children
  15. Vocal Hygiene

In addition, this course offers the following supplemental materials:

  1. A PDF of suggested further reading
  2. Mp3 audio files of vocal exercises for practicing anywhere
  3. Direct email access to the instructor
  4. Discounts on one-on-one private video lessons with the instructor

This course delivers all video content as private videos via  A valid google account (which is FREE) is required to access these videos.  You provide the email address associated with the google account and we authorize your access to the videos.  You must be logged in to google to access the videos.  Supplemental materials can be downloaded directly to your computer from a link that we will provide via email.