Foundations of Music Course

This is our most comprehensive and most useful course.  It is a rare opportunity for teachers and homeschooling parents to learn everything that they need to know to be able to understand music, how it works, and how to bring it to their students and children.  The course will introduce you to a broad range of foundational musical topics, including aspects of pitch, rhythm, meter, reading music, understanding keys and scales, and pentatonic music.

This course includes the following videos:

  1. Introduction to the Course (included with all orders in this collection)
  2. Introduction to Pitch
  3. Rhythm, Meter, and Beat
  4. Reading Music 1
  5. Tonal Music, Diatonic Music, and Major Keys
  6. Transposition and Key Signatures
  7. Tonicization
  8. Reading Music 2
  9. Minor Keys
  10. Pentatonic Music

In addition, this course offers the following supplemental materials:

  1. A PDF ebook with all illustrations contained in the videos for later study
  2. Practice exercises to aid in mastering the concepts covered in the videos
  3. Direct email access to the instructor

This course delivers all video content as private videos via  A valid google account (which is FREE) is required to access these videos.  You provide the email address associated with the google account and we authorize your access to the videos.  You must be logged in to google to access the videos.  Supplemental materials can be downloaded directly to your computer from a link that we will provide via email.